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You can read our editorial on "Academic freedom in times of Covid-19" here, highlighting the scope and principles of our mission.

Contributions should be between 1000 and 2500 words. You should avoid using footnotes, and rather mention main authors and works explicitly in the texts  and/or through hyperlinks as appropriate.

Contributors should also provide a brief bio (two lines or so) with their submissions.

Contributions are considered for acceptance on the understanding that they have neither been published nor are currently being considered for publication elsewhere. Contributors must inform the editors if the work has been made public in another form or language.

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The editors reserve the right to make editorial revisions, but will not make major changes without the author’s approval. All contributions will be submitted to a 'single-blind' review process, i.e. their identity will be revealed to the editorial board and peer reviewers. The editorial board can send contributions to external peer-reviewers where appropriate.